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Behind your thoughts and feelings, my brother, stands a mighty ruler, an unknown sage - it is called the subconscious self; it dwells in your body, it is your body. There is more reason, sanity and intelligence in your body than in your best wisdom.


RGB Carnovsky

“RGB is a work about the exploration of the “surface’s deepness”. RGB designs create surfaces that mutate and interact with different chromatic stimulus. RGB’s technique consists in the overlapping of three different images, each one in a primary color. The resulting images from this three level’s superimposition are unexpected and disorienting. The colors mix up, the lines and shapes entwine becoming oneiric and not completely clear. Through a colored filter (a light or a transparent material) it is possible to see clearly the layers in which the image is composed. The filter’s colors are red, green and blue, each one of them serves to reveal one of the three layers.”






Feliz día de muertos!

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Will Smith created everything


The Cat Daddy:

The Shuffle:

The Single Ladies Dance:

The Stanky Leg:

The Cyclone:

The Dougie:


By far the greatest post to ever surface on Tumblr.

the truth has been revealed.

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‎1950's lyrics:
Love me tender, love me true, all my dreams fulfilled. For, my darling, I love you, and I always will.
1960's lyrics:
When the girl in your arms is the girl in your heart, then you've got everything.
1970's lyrics:
I hope you don't mind that I put down in words, how wonderful life is while you're in the world.
2012 lyrics:
Almost drowned in her pussy so I swam to her butt.